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Consulting English-speaking doctor on Costa del Sol

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Medical consultation


09.00 - 14.00 

16.00 - 19.00

Home visit

Call 24/7

Medical check-up

Analysis, ECG, X-ray, express tests, COVID-19 test etc.

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English-speaking doctor at Costa del Sol

Dra. Tatiana Osipova Colegiada 29/29/12206 MALAGA Colegio Oficial de Medicos


For visitors of Spain

In order for your vacation in Spain to be comfortable, you need to take care of medical insurance, especially if you are traveling with children. Having health insurance will allow you to seek medical help at private clinics and hospitals in Spain. If necessary, you can call a doctor at home. Whether you speak English or Spanish, Dra Tatiana will help!
Necessary medical care for adults and children.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine is a set of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases and injuries, eliminating risk factors for their development. The annual public health check, now known as a health check, was proposed by the American Medical Association back in 1922. And although the indisputable importance of regular check-ups and laboratory tests cannot be denied, the use of a standard screening set of examinations of healthy people, carried out once a year, cannot be considered an effective measure for preventing diseases. The frequency and set of periodic examinations should be individualized for each individual. Complete blood count, biochemical parameters, screening of tumor markers, the level of vitamins and minerals, hormonal profile, dynamic ECG, PAP-test (cytology) and mammography for women Costa del Sol, I will offer you an individual program of prevention and health promotion!

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Children's health

"Healthy baby - happy parents" is familiar to every parent firsthand. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid illnesses in childhood. The little man's immunity is still being formed and cannot protect him from all infections. And here it is important not only to seek help from a competent specialist, but also not to neglect preventive measures: they, indeed, can reduce the risk of developing many diseases. Vaccination, strengthening the immune system, hygiene and regular exercise reduce the risk of developing diseases in a child, and a timely visit to a doctor in case of illness will allow you to prescribe adequate and effective treatment.

If you are living in Spain.

Choosing a family doctor is not an easy task. You must be confident in the competence of the doctor and his qualifications. In addition, it is important that a trusting relationship develops between doctor and patient. A competent doctor who understands your problems will help improve your health, cure if you are sick, explain questions and accompany you to medical institutions.

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